Friday, April 15, 2011

St. Louis Foodie Finds: Chava's Mexican Restaurant

One aspect of St. Louis that Greg and I are most excited about is the abundance of unique restaurants that seem to pop up no matter what neighborhood we venture out to.  People who know me "in real life" know that I have a slight obsession with Mexican food.  And I don't discriminate, my dirty little secret - I love Taco Bell.  There, I said it, the el gato is out of the bag.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.  I am here to tell you about a much, much, much better Mexican food eating experience.  I was going through a bit of withdrawal because I hadn't eaten Mexican since we went out with friends before leaving Milwaukee over a month ago.  So, we did a little research and settled on Chava's.

Located in the bustling Soulard area, Chava's has a prime corner location with plentiful outdoor seating available on the front and side.  One section is covered with a canopy and twinkling lights, perfect for a special birthday celebration or just a fun night out on the town.  Greg and I chose to venture inside as it was already cooling off and we got a great table for two next to the window.

We were greeted with a basket of warm tortilla chips and a bowl of smoky, spicy salsa.  It was all I could do not to down the whole basket and call it a day!  Next, we settled on an appetizer of jenas - baked jalapenos stuffed with Mexican sausage (chorizo?) and cheese.  Normally, I would go straight for the guacamole or queso dip but I was really happy I tried something new.  These were incredible and not at all greasy or over-filling.  Just enough to get me ready for the main event, steak fajitas.

The meat was marinated and cooked until tender and the plate was overflowing with grilled peppers, onions and all the fixins'.  The only thing that could have made my meal even better is if it was served on one of those piping hot skillets that keeps them sizzling while you build your fajita.

Luckily I have a husband who likes to share because he chose the pork tamales which were delicious.  Steamed in corn husks and smothered in salsa verde and melted cheese, the tamales were a winning combination.  We only wish we had saved room for dessert, fried cheesecake, what?!

I am really excited to return to this restaurant, after reading their website I learned they are famous for their El Mireko (ranchero chicken burritos flash fried and topped with chile con queso) and their fish tacos.  I also think the fried tacos sound good (have you noticed I gravitate toward anything fried?).

Sorry I did not include any photos.  I really prefer to enjoy the dining experience without stopping to take pictures!  But check out their website for pics and more information.

Chava's Mexican Restaurant
925 Geyer Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63104 

(314) 241-5503


  1. I love Chava's! I go there with my coworkers for lunch all the time!

  2. @Laura, awesome! We are finding we really love the food scene here so far - it's fun trying new places!