Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Greg!

Tomorrow is my honey's birthday and I am whisking him away for the day so I wanted to stop in today and give him a birthday shout out!  Thank you Greg for being the sweetest, funniest most awesome hubby I could ask for - I love you!

Most years I use his birthday as an excuse to try some crazy new cake or dessert but knowing we would be gone for the day, this year I decided to frost the cupcakes leftover from my ice cream cupcake project and send them to work with him to celebrate with his coworkers.  Since starting the new job, things have still been hectic so I really needed to keep it simple.
My best advice for a super easy, yet impressive treat, is to invest in a $1 star tip for frosting cupcakes - I believe it is the Wilton 1M tip.  You can buy a huge box of piping bags for about $10 and they will last a few years (I am still on my first box that I bought two years ago) or you can even use a large ziploc bag.   

With a quick swirl on each cupcake, you will easily become the next Cupcake Wars champion!  My biggest piece of advice for frosting cupcakes is to go fast, the worst thing that can happen is you end up scraping the frosting back into the bag and trying again.  And of course, making cupcakes gives you an excuse to expand your sprinkle collection, because really, can you ever have too many sprinkles?

So Greg, if you are reading this, you now know we are going on a canoeing trip and camping - hope you are ready to fish me out of the river when I go overboard!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Have a fabulous time camping and be safe! Great frosting tips!

  2. Awwwww...such cute cupcakes! I'm sure your honey and his coworkers loved them! And you're can never have too many sprinkles! :)

  3. Sounds like such a fun birthday weekend! And those cupcakes look great :)

  4. Oh those cupcakes look divine- rich and so yummy! I need one now!

  5. Great tips!! Happy Bday to Greg!! here is to many more years of happiness to you both, have fun this weekend!!

  6. These are some mighty yummy looking cupcakes!

  7. Happy b'day to Greg!these cupcakes look yummy...and the frosting tips were really useful! Thanks for the recipe!!

  8. You can never had too many sprinkles! Happy Birthday!

  9. Love the cupcakes. I wish i could get my frosting to look that good.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Great tips for icing cupcakes or anything. Have a fun weekend with your honey.

  11. Lucy! These are so pretty! I LOVE cupcakes. It's my favorite thing to make! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! : )

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