Monday, March 21, 2011


Did anyone else see the supermoon over the weekend? Yeh, me either. But, many of the pictures I saw were stunning. It was the biggest and brightest moon in 18 years! *Side Note-18 years ago was 1993, how is that possible? I thought 1993 was just yesterday.*

Anyway, when Greg first mentioned this phenomenon, my mind immediately turned to what food would be fun to celebrate. Naturally, my first thought was, MoonPies! Did you know the MoonPie has been around since 1917? Originally distributed to hungry coal miners, it soon became known as part of "the working man's lunch." In the 1960's, MoonPie makers developed the double decker in order to fit their product in the new vending machines of the time. My thoughts are, why have one layer when you can have two?

Thus, my mission to create a homemade (Super)MoonPie began. This recipe begins with a sweet, honey-kissed graham cracker base. I based my recipe on one I found on Smitten Kitchen. I halved her recipe in an effort to save my waistline and was able to cut 15 rounds, which translates to 5 double decker cookies, more than enough!

I also used light brown sugar instead of dark and decreased the bake time to about 10 minutes to keep the crackers a little bit softer than the traditional graham cracker.

How satisfying to make something that I once thought could only be purchased at the store!

Use a spatula to gently transfer the cookies to a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet. Dough will be sticky so use flour as needed.

These cookies are great on their own. I'm sure they would also be good smeared with jam!

For the filling, I simply heated about a half a jar of marshmallow creme and added a heaping tablespoon between each layer. *This is where the recipe takes a turn toward the decadent!*

Then I melted about 2 cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips to encase the entire cookie. Here is where it got a little bit tricky. Because the chocolate can only get so thinned before it burns, you might notice it isn't the smoothest coating. If (when) I make these again, I will probably take the time to make ganache, which is essentially heated heavy cream mixed with chocolate to create a smooth, silky coating.


I let mine chill and set up for a bit in the fridge before diving in! The sweet marshmallow creme softens up the lightly crisp graham crackers and the chocolate blends the flavors into a taste experience sure to bring back childhood memories of this yummy treat. Enjoy!


  1. Super cute Lucy, only you would think to do this!

  2. This looks so good! I love sweet treats once they've been chilled!

  3. I have never seen these homemade before! They look fantastic...and that moon is gorgeous from your house :)

  4. homemade moon pies?? awesome!!
    these look way better than the packaged ones.