Monday, March 28, 2011

Devil's Food White-Out Cake

Nothing says happy birthday more than layers of dense fudgy cake sandwiched between clouds of super fluffy, marshmallow frosting.  

So, Happy Birthday, Dad!  

We were lucky enough to head home for the weekend to celebrate with my parents.  This cake is a Dorie Greenspan classic from her famous cookbook, Baking: From My Home to Yours.  The family agreed it tastes like a more delicious version of the Hostess Ho Ho.  We ate ours chilled, which I think brought out the deep chocolaty flavors and sweet marshmallowy filling.   

Divide batter evenly between two 8 inch pans.  I use a kitchen scale.
Use cake strips to prevent the "dome effect" in your baked cake.

Be sure to rotate your tray half way through to ensure even baking.

Cakes are done when they are springy to the touch.

Mad scientist time!  Warning:  This part takes awhile!

Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, it will soon be covered with more gooey frosting and cake crumbs!

I swirled the frosting by holding an offset spatula against the cake and slowly rotating my cake turn table.

The cake crumb decor is very forgiving.

Do I have to wait till Dad blows out the candles before I dig in?!
If you are relatively new to the baking scene, I highly recommend this cookbook.  It has tons of great recipes for cakes, cookies, breakfast treats, ice cream and more!  The directions are simple and straight forward, but the results are out of this world!


  1. That cakes looks yummy but it looks more like a work of art!

  2. That cake looks amazingly delicious!! (And Happy Belated Birthday to your dad!!) :)