Friday, September 11, 2009

The Sweet Touch

So I am starting this blog with hopes of recording some of my journey as a new baker, homemaker, and wifey. I want to focus mostly on my baking exploits but based on the blogs I currently read, I think it's also fun to learn about people's lives as I read along. I hope to share with you some of the sweet things in my life, hence the name of the blog. I think it can be easy to focus on the negative but that by documenting the positive, you start to realize how great life really is! So, here we go.

Yesterday, Greg surprised me with flowers for what would have been our five year dating anniversary (had we not gotten married this summer!). Here they are and I think they are beautiful!

Isn't he so sweet!? So after he surprised me with these lovelies, we decided to not cook, again, for about the twelfth time in two weeks - oops! So off we went, just me, Greg, and Lin. Who is Lin you ask? Oh, she is just happens to be our new best friend who just happens to live across the street and just happens to be an Chinese restaurant. Actually, her full name is Lin's Garden and I am in love with the C10 Combo. Cashew chicken w/ fried rice and a mini egg roll. It's sooooo good, I can't help it! So we brought the food back (how do they get it ready so fast?) and watched a few shows on DVR, including Big Brother. I really want Natalie to lose! It was a really fun, relaxing night celebrating five years of love with my new hubby.

So, back to the flowers. I took a lot of pictures because I am taking the Wilton cake courses (more on that later) and I am learning how to make all kinds of flowers so I want to recreate the bouquet in the form of a cake. It's a new goal I have, you know how these things go. Other baking endeavors on my "to do" list include: caramels, breads, finding the perfect sugar cookie (working on that one this weekend) and making my own granola bars. Oohhhh so exciting, I know! Well, with that I am signing off. What was your sweetest moment today? Mine, knowing all day that it was Friday and I would get to do whatever I want for the next two days!

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