Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Musketeer Bars!

Hello everyone! I am back today with a recipe for homemade 3 Musketeer Bars. Can I just say, YUM! After purchasing a candy thermometer a couple of months ago, I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make some candy. I have a feeling this trend will continue as the holidays approach since candy and sweets are always the perfect gift. Here's the recipe:

3 Musketeer Bars

3 cups sugar
3/4 cup light corn syrup
3/4 cup water
1/8 tsp. salt
3 egg whites
1/3 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
2 bags milk chocolate chips (12 oz. each)

  • In a large saucepan over medium heat, combine the sugar, corn syrup, water, and salt. Heat, stirring, to boiling, then continue to cook, using a candy thermometer to monitor the temperature (this took a good half an hour or so for me, it's possible I could have done it faster but I didn't want to risk burning the mixture). Beat the egg whites until they are stiff and form peaks. Don't use a plastic bowl for this. When the sugar solution comes to 270 degrees F, or the soft-crack stage, remove from the heat and pour the mixture in thin streams into the egg whites, blending completely with a mixer set on low speed. Continue to mix until the candy begins to harden to the consistency of dough. This may take as long as 20 minutes (this part is true!). At this point, add the semisweet chocolate chips.
  • Remember that the candy must already be at the consistency of dough when you add the chocolate; the nougat will thicken no more after the chocolate is added. When the chocolate is thoroughly blended and the nougat has thickened, press it into a greased 9x9-inch pan. Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes. With a sharp knife, cut the candy in half down the middle of the pan. Then cut across into 7 segments to create a total of 14 bars. (I used an 8x8 pan and cut the bars into cute squares - they turned out soooo rich, I was glad I made them smaller) Melt the milk chocolate chips in the microwave for 2 minutes on half power, stirring halfway through the heating time. Melt completely, but be careful not to overheat. Resting a bar on a fork (and using your fingers if needed), dip each bar into the chocolate to coat completely and place on wax paper. (This is where I ran into trouble. I couldn't seem to get the choc chips to melt into a thin enough texture, so when I was dunking the squares they were getting overloaded with choc. I ended up mixing what was left from the first bag of choc chips with some "chocolate discs" made specifically for melting. I also melted about 1 tsp of veg shortening into the mixture for additional smoothness. This seemed to really help) Cool till firm at room temperature, 1 to 2 hours.
  • Makes 14 candy bars. (or about 36 squares if you go that route!)
Here is some of the process.
Greg carefully monitoring the temperature - it's the chemist in him coming out!

Greg combining the "liquid hot magma" (name the movie!) mixture with the eggs - it's starting to look like he did all the work but I promise I did everything else!

Action shot of my shiny, new Kitchen Aid doin' it's thang.

Cooled bars cut into squares.

And a few of the finished products - it was fun decorating with the leftover chocolate:)

Greg approves!

See, not only does it taste like a 3 musketeer bar, it also looks like one on the inside!

This recipe was so much fun. Greg and I enjoyed a few each and then I sent the rest to work with him today. I knew they were too dangerous to keep around the house!

I will be back later this week with my final cake from the Wilton course I'm taking and I'll fill you in on class 1 and 2 - hopefully I "graduate" tomorrow night!

So what was everyone's sweetest moment of the day? Other than sneaking in one last 3 musketeer square, I was really uplifted to stumble upon this website called Operation Beautiful. It's a site focused on spreading positive body image among women via post it notes left secretly on bathroom mirrors, drive thru windows, dressing rooms, and other places women are likely to see them. It's great to see women encouraging one another for a change! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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