Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wilton Round Up #2

I started my fondant class this week so I wanted to sum up my last class before I get too far into this one. The second Wilton course was REALLY fun! We worked some more with buttercream and also learned a ton of flowers using royal icing, including:

Apple Blossoms






And daffodils (to the left)!

It all culminated in our grand finale cake and let me tell you, I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out. I reallllly took my time with the foundation of this cake and I think it paid off. I finally invested in the Baker's Joy spray that my teacher recommended on our first day of class (only took me about two months) and wow, it really does make baking a joy! I only had minor "stickage" but had no trouble fixing it with a dab of frosting. I then crumb coated my cake and let it set before smoothing on an even layer of buttercream before I went to class.

I smoothed it with the "Viva paper towel method" - This just means after it had a chance to "crust over" I gently smoothed over it with the paper towel to remove most of the lumps 'n bumps.

When we got to class, we had to move quick, quick, quick. Carol, being the artist that she is, did a great job! For some reason, though, it just took me FOREVER! What took me forever, you ask? Dundundunnnnn....the dreaded basketweave!!! Now, the basketweave is actually quite simple. For me, it just took lots of time to be sure it was all even. Carol breezed right around her cake without even making guidelines while I developed carpal tunnel from squeezing and balancing my piping bag for over one half of the two hour class! I took pictures each step of the way because I kept thinking I was on the verge of screwing up and wanted a record of how far I made it, haha! Here we go:

Working on my practice board

Half way there

Bottom rope border

And top border - YAY!

At this point, I only had about 20 minutes left to slap on my flowers so I just went for it.


Back (which I kind of liked a little bit better than the front but you can see the basketweave seams so I kept it as the back)

Detail shot! So purty

I was so happy with how it turned out. Just like I said after the first class, it's amazing how great you can make a cake look with a few simple skills. There is just this one downside of cake decorating:


Guess it tasted good too!

Who's ready for the weekend - I am!! Hopefully going to apple/pumpkin pick with my hubby, if it ever stops raining! I would love to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves before they all get blown off in a storm!


  1. Wow! A lovely cake. I'm jealous, too. I made a birthday cake tonight for my baby who turns 1 tomorrow. {sniff} I've used this recipe before, but tonight it turned out ugly and crumblyy. I had to disguse the crumbs with sugar sprinkles. :-)

  2. Am I SOOOO wanting to take a cake decorating coarse now??? YES!! You ROCK!!! WOW!! The rope gets me... how do you do that? And the basket weave seems impossible... and the flowers... they are PERFECT!!

    You do Amazing work!!

    Well done!


  3. holy smack! im so jealous of your cake decorating skills!